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The last words

Karin Andersson, Candyland 9 / 3 - 1 / 4 2007. Text: Susanna Slöör

"It is finished", read Jesus's last words. Then he bent down his head and gave up his spirit... With a final quivering sigh proves body and spirit together as a hybrid by banns. Between The shape is more real than the world itself and the uplifting of suffering a sublime level.

The drawing is a couple of inches high in the original, and approximately one meter high in print. Unable to defend herself for Karin Andersson's exquisitely detailed drawing art. The expression of "Figure 2" provides a spiritual dimension that empathetic out what the best church art through the centuries achieved, but the message states. Her half-human half-woman creature who collapsed in agony to the forced resting position carries our sorrows and shortcomings with a refinement, a grace, that feels innovative and hard to beat - a worthy rival to his son nailed to the cross.

Karin Andersson signs with hardest pencil his picture for a very long time. She describes it as she seeks the limits of how far she can follow and to keep the detail view. The work is done with the help of magnifying glasses and performance, easy as breathing, reproduced with the camera. Then the image is scanned and digitally translates into the highest resolution that can be achieved. Black level and thus strengthens the Contrast in the image. Then it prints a much larger size than the original image. It painstakingly developed the original is translated into a form that is detached, but which allows a more intrusive approach. Each pencil barley making itself known. Any resistance to overcome in the interaction with the paper grange highlighted in their stigmatized form, like tears in the absence of eye-spot or mark after the sword which perforated the breast side.

Stockholm 2007-03-13 © Susanna Slöör

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